Dr. Wayne House

H. Wayne House (M.A., Th.D., J.D.) is Chief Academic Officer, Provost, and Distinguished Research Professor of Theology, Law, and Culture at Faith International University and Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. He is married to Irina V. House (B.A., Criminal Justice; M.A., Psychology, MFT Emphasis; M.A., Theology; D.Min., DBA, Apologetics), who works as his research assistant for his writing, speaking, and the study tours he and his wife lead throughout the year.

Past Teaching:

  • Professor of Law, Trinity Law School
  • Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Professor of Theology and Culture, Trinity Graduate School, Trinity International University
  • Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, Corban University
  • Associate Professor, LeTourneau University
  • Taught in International Human Rights Law, University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
  • Taught as an adjunct, or visiting professor, at a number of universities and seminaries in the United States, Asia, Africa, South Pacific, Middle East and Western and Eastern Europe
  • He has spoken twice at the Breakfast Club inside the United States Capitol


  • Juris Doctorate (Corpus Juris Secundum; Editor-in-Chief, Law Review; and emphasis in Constitutional Law and Interpretation) from Regent University School of Law
  • Doctor of Theology  (Exegetical Theology) from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
  • Master of Arts (Biblical and Patristic Greek) from Abilene Christian University
  • Master of Theology (Biblical Studies) from Western Seminary
  • Master of Divinity (Pastoral Studies) from Western Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts (Classical and Hellenistic Greek) from Hardin-Simmons University
  • He received the Certificate in International Human Rights from the famed Institut International des Droits de l’Homme, Strasbourg, France (1998)

He has been author, co-author, or editor of nearly forty books and author of more than one hundred articles for theological and legal journals, and magazine publications, and a contributor to several books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Among his many published books are:

Books on Apologetics, Science, and World Religions and Cults

Books on Biblical Archaeology, Cultures, and Times

Books on Biblical Studies

  • Chronological and Background Charts to the New Testament
  • Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series (44 vols; gen. ed.)
  • House Visual Study Bible (HVSB) (electronic) (gen. ed. and author)
  • Nelson Study Bible (NT editor)
  • Nelson's Illustrated Bible Commentary (NT editor)
  • Israel: The Land and the People (gen. ed & author)
  • Living Wisely in a Foolish World: A Study of the Book of Proverbs

Books on Ethics and Culture

  • Civilization in Crisis
  • Divorce and Remarriage: Four Christian Views
  • Schooling Choices: Christian Schools, Home Schools, and Public Schools

Books on Law and Government

  • America’s Christian History (ebook)
  • The Christian and American Law (ed. and author)
  • Restoring the Constitution (ed. and author)

Books on Theology

Book completed and ready for publication:

  • Charting the New Testament
  • Charts of Patristic Theology

Books in preparation for publication:

  • Biblical Covenantalism: An Interaction with Covenant Theology, Progressive Dispensationalism, and Progressive Covenantalism
  • Charts of Biblical Archaeology
  • Charting the Old Testament
  • Charting Systematic Theology
  • Dictionary of Heresies and Heretics in Early Christianity: from the Second Century through the Seventh Century
  • Introduction to Biblical Archaeology of the New Testament
  • Footprints in the Sand: The Biography of an Israeli Archaeologist

Dr. House serves on the board of different organizations, including Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA Center); Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR); advisor to Mt. Carmel Outreach apologetics ministry; served as president of the Evangelical Theological Society (1991); founding president and former board member of Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood; and is a Member of the Pre-Trib Study Group. He has been leading study tours to the Mediterranean (some for the Biblical Archaeological Society) and the Middle East for twenty-one years. He is a lifetime member of the United States Supreme Court Historical Society, begun by Chief Justice Warren Burger.

Dr. House enjoys reading and writing in a variety of subject areas, and enjoys traveling to ancient lands and sites with his wife Irina, who is now working on her doctorate in apologetics.

He may be contacted at or for interest in travel to biblical lands. His website is currently going through a remake.

Twitter is @hwhouse; Facebook is Hershel Wayne House. His Amazon page featuring his books may be found at